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Download CYCAS public
CYCAS window is too big
CYCAS on my new Linux
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CYCAS does not run on my Windows
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 Testing CYCAS  
  Is there a possibility to get a free copy of CYCAS for testing?
  Yes, you are welcome to test CYCAS public thoroughly and use it for non-commercial purposes.
CYCAS 3.9 public
 Download CYCAS public  
  I can't download CYCAS 3.9 public after successful registration.
  Your problem may be that your browser does not know the file type .rpm or .tar.gz. Use the right mouse button on the link of the download and choose the option "Save link to disk..." (or similar).
 CYCAS window is too big  
  The size of the CYCAS window is too big for my screen. The lower functionalities such as the command line or zoom buttons are not visible.
  Try to reach the menu Project/Settings/GUI. There, you can adjust a smaller font to be displayed within the CYCAS user interface. Anyway, the minimum resolution of 800 x 600 is needed for CYCAS - thus, a higher resolution is recommended.

In case this does not solve your problem - only under Linux - it may be due to your Desktop Theme for the GUI elements may be displayed too big. You can adjust this by opening the settings at the menu >Project. Choose the folder >GUI and switch off the usage of Desktop Themes.

 CYCAS on my new Linux  
  Does CYCAS support the current version of my Linux?
  Generally, yes; CYCAS supports your current distribution, such as RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu or Debian (to name the most common). In case you are using an "exotic" Linux and you are having problems, simply contact us on this.
  The CYCAS drawing area is showing graphics failures. How can I fix this?
  This is a bug in the driver of your graphics card. This bug is reported for Radeon cards under the XFree 4.2 release. You can work around this by disabling some of the drivers features.
To do so, add the following options to the device section of your XF86Config-4 configuration file:

Option "XaaNoDashedTwoPointLine" "True"
Option "XaaNoSolidTwoPointLine" "True"

You need to restart the X-Server.
 User manual  
  Is there a user manual included within the CYCAS archive?
  Yes. Included within the archive is a .html based user manual that can be read in your browser. Start the manual at the top right corner of the CYCAS screen at the menu "Help" We recommend to have a look at the Tutorials, a step-by-step guidance of the handling of CYCAS.
 CYCAS does not run on my Windows  
  I have problems installing CYCAS on my Windows, what is going wrong?
  It seems that you are trying to install CYCAS on your Windows 95, 98 or Me - sorry, but CYCAS for Windows supports Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 only.
 Switch to feet and inches.  
  Can I work in feet and inches with CYCAS and how do I switch into the imperial system?
  Yes, CYCAS offers working in different numeric options. To swith them, you need to enter the menu >Project (at the top right corner of the screen), there enter >Settings, >Input - and here you have the numeric options.
 More questions  
  My question, resp. my problem is not discussed at this FAQ - what to do?
  Contact us via email: and we will try to answer you rapidly.
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