LINUX is a freely distributable operating system written and maintained by Linus Torvalds and other programmers worldwide. Many applications are developed as open source from people from all over the world. As a basis for applications Linux offers everything needed. Especially networking is well supported by Linux and moreover the necessary security on the internet is provided.
Detailed information on Linux are e.g. found at:

We want to give a brief overview of applications available for a professional architectural workstation:

The Gimp

The Gimp
is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, very useful for composing and creating images and for e.g. retouching rendered images. The Gimp is open source, freely distributable and updated permanently. In general this piece of software is included within Linux distributions.


Persistence of Vision,
also called POV-Ray. This program is a high-quality raytracer enabling you to create photo realistic graphics of your drafts. POV-Ray is freeware. The integrated POV-Ray module within CYCAS supports the workflow creating rendered images.

Furthermore e.g. this office package is available for Linux:

Many more applications of high quality are available for Linux. Some are offered as commercial products and some are freeware or open source.


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